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All the products necessary for your anti-vibration needs for the commercial and industrial sector, whether for inertia bases, insulators or others!

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We manufacture and distribute quality acoustic products that will meet your needs and allow you to achieve the required sound levels.

acoustic project management

With more than 20 years of experience in acoustic project management, DEFLECTION.CA is your partner of choice. We will support you throughout the mandate and in achieving your goals. From the free submission to the delivery of the acoustic study delivered by a doctor (PhD) in acoustics, DEFLECTION.CA takes care of all the stages of your project. We will provide you with quality products that will always meet your requirements and those of the claimants.


Following the customer’s request, we offer:

– Free quote
– Approval drawings
– Start of production
– Equipment purchase
– Delivery
– Installation by a member in good standing of the RBQ
– Daytime, evening or weekend installations, at the customer’s request

The answer to your needs

Acoustic engineer request, city or plaintiff complaint, factory noise reduction, and more.

Whatever the demand

Acousticians, engineering offices, ventilation, plumbing and electrical contractors, general contractors, retailers, etc.

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