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What we offer you

All the products necessary for your anti-vibration needs for the commercial and industrial sector, whether for inertia bases, insulators or others!

We distribute quality acoustic products that will meet your needs and allow you to achieve the required sound levels.

We specialize in the management of acoustic and anti-vibration projects, from the first site visit to the delivery of the final study.

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Our mission at Deflection

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of acoustics and anti-vibration, DÉ is your partner of choice for all your projects where noise and vibration reduction. From the distribution of products to acoustic studies, including the management of complex projects, DÉ knows all the workings of the business and takes charge of your project in order to deliver the expected results to you, with supporting evidence.

The combined experience of the team members includes several large-scale projects in the field of transport and others, as well as with the  Government of Canada, through various factories in Canada and the United States. 

OUR SPECIALTY: Large-scale acoustic projects in the governmental, industrial, commercial and institutional fields.

OUR MISSION: To support you in the realization of all your acoustics and anti-vibration projects. is there for you!

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types of projects

We carry out a variety of diverse projects:

– Governmental, commercial and industrial
– Factories
– City complaint and noise reduction
– Acoustic study and sound level request
– And more

our clients

We serve a large clientele:

– Plumbers
– Refrigeration engineers
– Ventilation contractors
– Electricians
– And more

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