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anti-vibration products


We have a large selection of vibration isolators for all your needs. Find the right one for you!

– Seismic isolators
– Suspended insulators
– Floor insulators

other products

A wide range of complementary products for your anti-vibration needs. Consult our catalog to learn more.

– Bases of inertia
– rubber
– Neoprene cushions

acoustic products

acoustic and silent products

We offer several products. Browse our catalog to find out more about them.

– Acoustic panels
– Acoustic silencers
– Acoustic Louvers

our availability

Our products are available in three different conditions. Find the products you need!

– Galvanized steel
– Stainless steel
– Paint

Can't find what you were looking for? Contact us for more information! is the company you need for all your anti-vibration and acoustic needs. Looking for a specific product? We will do our best to find it for you and advise you. 

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